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Protect the Night Sky

Mueller Light Pollution


Mueller Light Pollution | The impact of light pollution wasn’t really known until recently. Light pollution is becoming a concern for wildlife habitats and a wasteful usage of energy. Levels of light at night are so high that it affects nocturnal animals, such as Austin’s native bats which make it harder for them to hunt for prey. The lighting at night time not only affects the wildlife but it is also costly. In the whole United States, about $2 billion is spent every year on ineffective lighting resulting in approximately 19 million tons of carbon dioxide and other air pollutants every year.

Because of these recent findings, there has been careful planning and thoughts into designing Mueller in a way that would not add to the said problem. Outdoor lightings in all Mueller was selected with the goal to protect the night sky which is why we have minimal lighting along the walking trails and parks. The uplights and spotlights are not permitted for your home anymore.

More efficient and effective exterior lighting is now much more needed due to the rising energy costs and greater recognition of environmental and health problems associated with the unnecessary reliance on fossil fuels. Common sources of light pollution include poorly designed and installed streetlights, lit signages, and outdoor security lights.

Mueller Light Pollution Is Affecting Wildlife

Mueller has lots of parks and green spaces. These are amenities that can be really enjoyed by the people living around. The trails, playscapes and the natural beauty of the water detention ponds do make them a popular destination for kids and their families. But remember, these areas are not only recreational but they have also helped in the establishment of a native local ecosystem. The original Mueller airport site was within the Blackland Prairie Ecosystem of Texas. This was once a part of the North America’s Tall Grass Prairie. This prairie is now one of the most endangered habitats in the whole United States.

Mueller Light Pollution Wildlife

It is very important that the park goers are mindful and respectful of their surroundings. Parks provide excellent spots for fishing and bird watching but we should also be reminded that these parks could be also home to various creepy critters such as snakes like copperheads or cottonmouths and rodents such as mice and skunks in addition to the ducks, hawks, and other birds. There’s even wild hogs and coyotes spotted during the development. People coming to these parks should always put in mind to be respectful of these natural amenities by keeping dogs leashed and staying clear of any wildlife you may see.

Mueller has been one of the first communities in Austin to build green homes. It is important to have a less-polluted surroundings to have a better living. If you wish to know more about clean and green neighborhoods in Mueller, please give us a ring at 512-215-4785 and we’d be glad to give you assistance. You may also like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for more frequent news and posts about Mueller real estate.

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