Mueller Row Home Maintenance – Who Does What ?

Even though they are attached, Row Homes at Mueller are single family homes (not condominiums) with specific maintenance of shared elements provided by the Master Community Association. The costs of these services are billed back to those homeowners as a Special Service Area (SSA) Assessment. The Supplemental Covenant for a service area defines and governs those obligations. Each Row Home building has their own unique supplemental covenant which you, as the buyer, would have been provided at closing by your Title Company. While each document differs slightly by building, the approach to the obligation remains the same.

In the Supplemental Covenant, there is an Exhibit detailing a very specific list of services provided by the Association through the SSA. This includes landscape and irrigation maintenance, exterior painting and exterior stone/siding repairs, shingles and roof decking repairs, future roof replacements, and gutter repairs. Items not listed remain the homeowner’s responsibility including windows and framing, doors, plumbing, studs, interior floors and fixtures, solar panels (if installed), electrical, pest control and so on.